Detecting swooshability, since 2019

Hi everyone, and welcome to this little Lego review page of ours.

As the curious AFOL's that we are, we though that we would write some of our ramblings down for the likes of you to consume and enjoy.

Maybe we pick up a new set that hasn't received many reviews yet, and maybe you wonder if you too should pick up that very set - but is wondering if it has an acceptable level of swooshability to trigger that credit card blip that means the set is yours to take home.

Well then, fear not: The question of swooshability will be answered and we may even touch upon one or two other things before we boil it all down to a score between 1 and 10 – just like everyone loves 🙌

But, even if a set is swooshable, doesn't mean it's worth your money. We will also simplify it for you and tell you if we recommend a purchase or not.


Onwards to answer the question of swooshability – and beyond! In the immortal words of Benny: spaceship Spaceship SPACESHIP!

/ Linus & Pelle