10771: Carnival Thrill Coaster

This is a somewhat hard set to review. It's targeted at a younger audience, but I will review it from my perspective.

As the cheapest set for the new roller coaster pieces, I was intrigued. I hadn't yet played around with them and the roller coasters carts, so this was a good opportunity to try.

The initial impression was that it comes huge colorful printed pieces and no stickers whatsoever. Very welcome.

First a small cart was built – for selling ballons, pizzas and ice cream. A suprisingly swooshable little thing.

Then came the Buzz minifig. Such an iconic character and here with his wings fully unfolded and ready to fly. Highly swooshable. Though his face looks a bit odd. Like a zombie Buzz. Rather than yellow skin he has a pale purple one. Makes for a less recognizable Buzz, which is a pity, as that minifig is one of the main assets of this set.

When it came to put together the roller coaster it turned out quite swooshable. The pieces reflects the low price and are the bare minimum for a fully connected track. The lack of parts make it a no thrills ride and makes it impossible to play around with other track layouts after the initial build.

All in all: It has got it's swooshable pieces. But the overall impression is a bit lackluster. The roller coaster, the candy cart, Buzz – but the stuff in between isn't much – so nothing really to connect it all together to really make for some play. And some pieces are oddly placed, like the propeller in front of the entrance, which make some play hard.

So: Eager for some roller coaster stuff? Sure, get this! Otherwise: There are other sets out there for you.

The verdict




7 / 10