10874: Steam Train

Sam is born on November 3, and I'm born on October 31. He was gifted this set, with the comment "that it's really for the both of us". They didn't know how right they were! This is a suprisingly fun set. The essence is pretty simple: train, tracks and some additional builds. But there's a kicker: it's battery driven, with a sensor at the bottom!

The sensor reacts to colours. Red stops the train, yellow makes it go "choo choo!", green changes directions, and so on. There are pieces you can put on the track to have it do these things, so you can control what happens where. Sam is only two years old, but he has had hours of fun playing with this function. Me? I've had the same hours of fun with him - and fun on my own playing with the train on different materials to see how it works.

And yes, you can't help but go "choo choo" yourself while playing with it.

This is highly recommended, especially if you have a kid. But if you were to get this on your own to build something more AFOL-like, that could be done too. A surprisingly awesome set in my book, earning my highest score to date.

The verdict




8 / 10