21148: Minecraft Steve BigFig with Parrot

I understand Steve is pretty iconic for Minecrafters, but the honest truth is I don't know who he is or what his role is in the game. I bought this fig because I wanted to play with the general structure, like I did with brickheadz. And it's pretty fun! Steve is nice, and the parrot is a nice inclusion. Nothing really pops for me though.

And behind all that meh are two things I really dislike. The first is the play feature that lets you whip Steve's arm up and down. It prevents posability and makes the fig feel cheap. The second is the lack of movement range. I'd love to see some extra joints on the arms and legs.

And yes, I understand both of these things are iconic for Minecraft. But that pretty much sums this set up: if you enjoy the game, you'll likely enjoy this fig. I don't, and probably don't appreciate it like a Minecraft player would.

The verdict




6 / 10