30408: Tulips

This cute little set is surprisingly solid. Except for turning the tulips around (they aaaalmost work like cog wheels), this set is not much to play with - except if you're really really fidgety. But that doesn't mean it's not playful, because it's a joy to look at. The colours of it brightens up the sorroundings - I'd love to have this on my office desk.

The set contains quite a number of parts (90) for just being two tulips in a little pot. The build is quite solid, because the way it's built the stems does not break easily.

One of my favourite things with it, except for the little bee that is, is the fact that the tulips are not fastened to the pot. They just rest on the bottom, so you can easily pick one of them up for those romantic moments.

It's too cute not to like (but it's not very fun to play with).

The verdict




7 / 10