31089: Sunset Track Racer

I'm not a big car fan. I don't like to drive them. I do, however, like to build cool wheeled vehicles.

So when I say that all three variants incuded in this set are pretty good, I mean it. The race car is the best, by far, with the cool little go cart a decent second. The boat obviously lacks wheels (and doesn't float), so you need to do some imaginary swooshing on that one. But they're just that - pretty good. I lack the oomph making them great.

What about the parts? The colours are pretty good. It's hard to go wrong with orange, white and dark blue. There will always be a soft spot in my heart for dark blue. And you can't go wrong with bricks, plates, brackets and a few specialty pieces. But again - it's nothing groundbreaking. Just... pretty good.

But what about the build? Unfortunately, more of the same. Enjoyable but short builds. No fancy techniques, just some standard SNOT work. Pretty good. No complaints. No cheers.

And that's it, unfortunately. Fun for kids - especially the two cars - but mediocre builds, parts and models make for a mediocre set for an AFOL.

The verdict




5 / 10