31093: Riverside Houseboat

I was looking for something I wouldn't ordinary get when this set caught my attention. A hefty box, and the houseboat looked really cosy. It suited my mood that particular day.

And I wasn't disappointed! The main model oozes character. My two year old loved the fish and crocodile (he wants me to be the crocodile while he is the Green Ninja Mech Dragon, feeding both of us the fish). I on the other loved the houseboat - especially the outside - since it lets me dream away to a nice lake in the mountains. Ah. Stillness. Time to light the lanterns, don't you think?

The build is nothing spectacular, and the parts are similarly okay. The second and third models? Nothing to note, to be honest. But the character of the main build carries this set to a solid spot.

All in all I'm really impressed by the creator line the past few years. I'd love to see more stuff like this.

The verdict




7 / 10