41115: Emma's Creative Workshop

Play sets can be pretty fun, but for me they usually fall a bit short compared to display sets or fun vehicles. That meant I went started this with no expectations.

And I was pleasantly surprised by the star of this set. No, it's not Emma - it's the sewing machine on the desk! When I put it together I couldn't stop smiling. It was such a cute little build I had to run around the studio and show Andreas and Pelle. (And while they agreed, they didn't seem to share the same level of enthusiasm. Weirdos.) The other builds are fine and do what they ought to, but pretty lackluster.

The parts are decent. I particularly like the post-its on the board - there's a fantastic little smiley face on them. And it's enjoyable to get some more uncommon colours, like purple and dark pink. Not enough to MOC with, mind you, but it wets your appetite for the next Bricklink order.

Furniture is a surprisingly refreshing thing to build. I didn't expect that going into it, but I'll definitely pick up some more friends set in the future. As a whole it's pretty uninteresting, but since I had no expectations this set definitely surpassed them. Credit to you, sewing machine.

The verdict




6 / 10