41905: Jewelry Stand

DOTS is unlike anything I've ever seen LEGO do. It's sort of similar to Clikits in that they are products meant to be used every day - but real LEGO bricks this time. I find that immensively intriguing.

So I decided to pick up probably the only set I can't use in the theme. I've got a few necklaces, but I wouldn't want to display them like this. Not sure why the choice seemed logical at the time, but it did.

It's a really pleasant set. The colours make me happy, and I think it would be a lot of fun for a kid. It's easy to see collecting and building with the colourful tiles a nice family activity, akin to doing pegboards. It's probably useful too, if you like collecting and displaying jewelry.

So while I'm sold on DOTS as a concept, I have to rate this particular set low. It's just not the one for me. There are a few cool parts in sweet colours - the tiles mostly - but nothing particularly unique (except perhaps the matte pearl chrome tiles). Other DOTS sets provide fun tiles as well as a few unique prints. I'd go for those instead.

That said, I really hope this is something that will continue to grow and expand. Perhaps we could see UCS DOTS sets in the future, with brick built lamps or other interior design features for adults? I don't know if it would sell, but the thought tickles me.

The verdict




5 / 10