60207: Drone Chase

This set includes three minifigs; behold:
one badass, fighter pilot looking cop.
A most thiefy looking thief for him to stop.
And a statue entirely made of (le)gold.

The statue stands on a pillar, all shiny like a jewel.
Fastened with only one stud in one heel...
...to make it easier for drones to steal.
It's completely golden, which makes it kinda cool.

The thief carries a small remote,
with a first person view of what the drone sees
and the golden statue right in its sights, oh jeez.
Luckily the police has a helicopter, not a boat.

I've seen cooler lego copters than this however.
It's not exactly bad and kiiinda sweet,
but in some ways looks clumsy or incomplete.
Things like a gap between the canopy and the chassi, makes it less classy.
But it's got an awesome pilot and a net shooter...pffft, the thief thought he was clever...

Shooting down the drone will not be too hard with this net,
because the drone actually surprisingly huge in this set.
I was expecting something rather small,
but it makes the statue look not that tall.

As a drone pilot myself one thing bugs me a bit;
all the propellers spins counterclockwise.
This is a bad idea for a drone that flies.
Because this would make it fly like shit.

All in all it's a kinda fun little set.
Not amazing, but with a cool golden fig and a drone (!).
For me, that's enough of a bone.
At 179 sek (~$18,6) it was an easy get.

The verdict




6 / 10