75976: Wrecking Ball

I'm what gamers call A filthy casual. That means I'm not a real gamer - I only play when I've got the time or need to relax. It's not my main interest in life. So I rarely game, but when I do, I play Overwatch. And Wrecking Ball - or Hammond, as the genetically engineered hamster is truly named - is the closest thing I have as a main.

I purchased this set as a mascot. I wanted it to sit by me when I played, cheering me on silently. And boy, Hammond delivers.

From the cute "fig", to the color scheme, to the intricate construction (adding in a surprising play feature, letting Hammond pop up through the hatch!) to the transformation between ball and mech mode - this is a lot of fun packed into a relatively small set. For the amount you pay, it's a no brainer. Get this set.

The verdict




9 / 10