PE770441: IKEA BYGGLEK boxes, set of 3

I'm a Swede who loves LEGO. Not only that, but I also work for one of the most Swedish companies there is - IKEA. When you find out that your favourite toy company join forces with your fantastic employer, of course you get excited!

And then you learn that they intend to produce... boxes. It makes sense. But to be frank, it's also a bit underwhelming.

Don't get me wrong. The boxes are pretty nice. The geometry fits well with LEGO parts, and I like that the boxes' symmetry match. Like the ISO A sizes for paper, the smaller boxes are exactly half the width of the larger ones. And they stack nicely, so they can definitely be used for some kind of storage.

But the lids aren't attached to anything, so you need to be careful with how you handle them. And even if they come from a flat pack giant known for its affordable furniture, you're probably looking for something even cheaper as an AFOL - at least if you want to sort by part or by colour.

Then all we have left is the building aspect. I can see me incorporating this somewhere I need bulk - maybe if I were to build a snowy mountain top. But then this has been reduced to a big BURP of some kind - and a pretty expensive one at that.

So yeah. I'm torn. I really want to like this, since it combines two big parts of my life. But the reality is that it's just a semi-efficient storage unit or a semi-efficient part. I'll definitely keep this around for many years - they're built to last, that much is clear. But I suspect I'll mostly pick this up as a demo to people that, in 20 years, have forgotten that this was a thing.

At least I now have a good place to store the old HO scale cars I accidentally picked up on second hand. Curio stored in curio.

The verdict




6 / 10